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Frequently Asked Questions About The Long Run

Summary:In this episode, we talk about the long run and answer some frequently asked listener questions such as why we do not need to train up to our full race distance, why we need to run the long run at a slow and easy pace, and what happens if we run the long run too […]

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The Effects Of Caffeine On Running Performance

For some people, caffeine is just a morning pick-me-up, for other people it is one of the ways to get and an extra boost of energy during the running or endurance training. However, everyone experiences different effects of caffeine. Some people drink coffee before a run and don’t have any issues. Other people may experience the […]

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Running Disney Races With Ryan and Ashley Garcia

Running Disney Races And Travel Tips For Runners With Ashley And Ryan Garcia

 In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I interview Ashley and Ryan Garcia, two Central Ohio runners who run lots of Disney races. We discuss:  How Ashley and Ryan got started running, including how Ashley overcome significant challenges with knee and arthritis issues  How Ashley and Ryan, got involved running Disney races  How Disney makes their races an experience above and […]

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The Basics Of Endurance Fueling – How To Use Gels, Wafers And Sport Beans

 In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we discuss the basics of endurance fueling, specifically with gels, wafers, and sports beans.  We explore why fueling is necessary for runs over 60-90 minutes, what happens if you don’t, and we share tips on how to pick the right fuel, how to use it, and how to […]

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Heat Training And Acclimation – How To Run In The Heat

In this article I dig into heat training and acclimation and specifically how heat impacts our body while running. I then share several heat training tips for runners who need to deal with the high temperatures and humidity that often accompanies Summer training. “This article contains links to some recommended products. Please note, as an Amazon […]

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