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Best Apps for Runners

There are numerous running apps that can map your route, track your speed, distance traveled and calories burned. Many running apps also provide different training plans, challenges, and storylines. If you’re getting ready to run your first 5k, move closer to your fitness goals, diversify your running routine or simply start moving, then you’ll definitely have to […]

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reasons for running 5k

Five Reasons A 5K Should Be On Your Bucket List

These days, it seems like 5K races are all over the place. From charity events to color runs, everyone is getting in on the action. But the real question is, should you do one?In my opinion, yes. But not because you don’t want to miss out on the fun of posting smiling finish-line pictures on Facebook (although […]

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couch to 5k problems running program

Couch To 5k Training Plan: Gail’s Problems (And How To Fix Them)

A little while ago, I received an email from a listener (we’ll call her Gail)  who was struggling with her couch to 5K program and wanted to know if she should change her training plan.  She was using the official Couch to 5K program from and was getting very frustrated with how she was […]

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exercise training on vacation

Training While on Vacation

Congrats on your upcoming vacation – but don’t think that means you can take a break from your training plan. Whether your getaway is a sandy beach or a secluded hillside, with a little preparation you can stay on track and train in a new (to you) setting. The additional physical challenge of a new […]

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Running Fatigue And Lack Of Energy To Train

One of the most common excuses runners make is “I did not have time to run today.”While certainly true on some occasions, I believe this statement to be a myth, a symptom if you will, for something more likely to be an exercise wrecker: fatigue.I work with a lot of runners.  As a result of what I […]

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