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Orange Chicken - Healthy Runner Recipes

Healthy Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken is a delicious dish that is much healthier than you might think. Full of carbohydrates and protein, it makes a great pre-race meal. Quick and easy to make, it is well worth making at home with quality ingredients like fresh orange juice, fragrant ground spices, and protein-rich ground chicken.

Pistachio Banana Bread - Healthy Runner Recipes

Healthy Pistachio Banana Bread

This healthy version of Pistachio Banana Bread is made without refined sugars, and is packed with flavorful, chopped pistachios, and dark chocolate chips. I love this recipe because I often use any leftovers for my pre-run morning snack. Pistachio Banana Bread is perfect for breakfast, dessert, or as a healthy snack any time of day.