"With PaceBuilders, you don't just get a running coach. You get your own support team!"

In 2014, I made a decision to build an online running community for runners like you and I. Runners who have careers, families and busy lives. We may not be the fastest. We may not run the farthest. Yet we still want results from our effort. In other words, we want to feel amazing, and become the best version of ourselves as we can. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place.

On behalf of my entire team, we are glad that you are here.

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What makes PaceBuilders unique is the team we have built around you to ensure your success in our program. While we can't do the workouts for you, we can ensure that you have an experienced coaching and support team to support you every step of the way. 

Steve CarMichael RunBuzz Coach

Steve Carmichael
Founder / Running / Fitness Coach
USATF / RRCA Certified Coach

Jill Mongene - PaceBuilders Running Coach and Registered Dietician

Jill Mongene, MAcc, RD, LDN
RRCA Certified Running Coach
Registered Dietitian / Sports Nutritionist

Sarah Bedell - PaceBuilders Coach - RunBuzz

Sarah Bedell
Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer
PaceBuilders Strength Specialist


​Cari Masek
RRCA Certified Running Coach

Shawn Musgrove - RRCA certified running coach

Shawn Musgrove
RRCA Certified Running Coach

Lisa Bevan

Lisa Bevan
Community Manager

If you are looking for a local running coach and happen to live in one of the following communities within Central Ohio, please check out our local running and sports performance coaching website: Run For Performance, or check our Central Ohio's most unique running club, Run Fit Running Club.   

Lewis Center | Delaware | Powell | Westerville | Sunbury | Columbus | Worthington | Dublin