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The Busy Runner’s Guide to Easy Meal Prepping

Guide to Easy Meal Prepping for Busy Runners

Life as a committed runner is a busy one. Not only do you have a whole list of other obligations to deal with, but you also have a dedicated running routine to follow, and it’s imperative that your diet can fuel your intense schedule. While grabbing something out of the fridge and hustling off to […]

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Meal Plans & Meal Prep for Runners

Meal Plans: A Helpful, Healthy Eating Strategy For Runners

You got up early, smashed your morning run, and now you’re getting ready to rush off to work. Thoughts are already swirling through your head about what you’ll have for lunch:Will you grab something out of the fridge?Will you hit the vending machine? Will you step out and pick up fast food – again?What on earth […]

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The Basics Of Endurance Fueling – How To Use Gels, Wafers And Sport Beans

 In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we discuss the basics of endurance fueling, specifically with gels, wafers, and sports beans.  We explore why fueling is necessary for runs over 60-90 minutes, what happens if you don’t, and we share tips on how to pick the right fuel, how to use it, and how to […]

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Natural Food Options For Runners: Make Your Own Energy Bars

As runners, we’re always looking for that edge that will help increase performance, enhance stamina or speed recovery. When it comes to nutrition, we often look to commercially-available products to give us that advantage, because they’re convenient and marketed well. However, we each have our own unique needs and tastes that aren’t always met by […]

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Natural Food Recipe for Runners: Power Gel

A few posts ago, I shared some of my favorite natural food options for mid-run fueling. In this post, I want to take it a step further and get into what makes one power gel better than another and provide a basic power gel recipe with options to customize it for your own purposes. Probably the […]

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