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Training For Your First 5K, Part 2: Staying Motivated

Hey there, and welcome back to the Training For Your First 5K series! Last week, I went over making the time to train. It can be quite a challenge to fit your training runs into your busy schedule, but once you’ve figured it out, it’s onto the next hurdle: staying motivated.Motivation vs WillpowerFrom Google: mo · […]

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Training For Your First 5K, Part 1: Making the Time to Train

Hey everyone! Welcome to my very first blog post on the RunBuzz site. I’m so excited to be here and to have the opportunity to present this 5-part series on training for your first 5K. Each week, I’ll cover a common challenge for beginning runners and review some strategies for staying on track throughout the […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Running Intervals

Interval running is the practice of alternating periods of running and walking.  Once primarily used as a way to build up to continuous running, the interval approach has become a running style in and of itself. I know lots of runners who choose to use the run/walk interval style as a way of running, even […]

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PaceBuilders Run Coaching Case Study: Carrie Poss

Half Marathon Coaching Case Study With Carrie Poss – In this article, I take you behind the scenes as I coach Carrie Poss a 3rd grade elementary school teacher from Northern Georgia. Carrie is a relatively new runner who is training for her first half marathon. Carrie would like to become a better runner and learn […]

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Best Apps for Runners

There are numerous running apps that can map your route, track your speed, distance traveled and calories burned. Many running apps also provide different training plans, challenges, and storylines. If you’re getting ready to run your first 5k, move closer to your fitness goals, diversify your running routine or simply start moving, then you’ll definitely have to […]

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