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10 Best Places To Run In Chicago

Chicago is a great place for occasional joggers, experienced runners and dedicated marathoners. It offers numerous beautiful routes for a sweat session all across the city, in the gorgeous parks and around the lake. You can get away from busy bustling streets and constant red lights and enjoy the peaceful trails, paths, and parks of […]

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10 Best Places To Run In Los Angeles, California

Searching for the best places to run in Los Angeles?This city offers countless routes to run for locals, runners of all levels, and simply health-conscious people. You can explore gorgeous parks and excellent running trails with spectacular coastal views. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and just go […]

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How To Build Mental Toughness In Running

Show Notes:In today’s episode, we continue our mindset and mental training for runners series with a discussion on how to build mental toughness as runners. I’ll show you how you can develop grit and perseverance so you can have the mindset of a champion.We will start by discussing why mental toughness is a predictor of […]

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How To Boost Your Willpower And Become A More Consistent Runner

In today’s episode, we cover Part II of our mental training and mindset series for runners series with the discussion on willpower. We will identify the difference between laziness and the lack of power, how to boost the willpower, resist the short-term temptations and prevent the lack of willpower by eliminating bad habits. You’ll also […]

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An Introduction To Mental Training And Mindset For Runners – Part I

Today I start a new series on Mindset and Mental Training For Runners.  This is a very broad and complex area, but mindset is important not only in our running, but in other areas of our lives. Each episode will cover one or two aspects of mental training and mindset, from why we struggle with things […]

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