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RB11: From 283 lbs To Marathon Runner: An Interview With Eric Hunley

In today’s podcast, I chat with Eric Hunley from We discuss how he went from a 283 pound runner to a 3:27 marathon runner. In this episode: How Eric went from a walker to a runner and all the challenges he faced along the way. Eric’s secrets for losing weight. Getting over tendonitis and […]

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Running Fatigue And Lack Of Energy To Train

One of the most common excuses runners make is “I did not have time to run today.”While certainly true on some occasions, I believe this statement to be a myth, a symptom if you will, for something more likely to be an exercise wrecker: fatigue.I work with a lot of runners.  As a result of what I […]

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The Best Running Headphones

“This article contains links to some recommended products. Please note, as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.”Aside from my GPS watch and my running headphones. I get questions about equipment recommendations all the time, so I thought I would take a second and share my thoughts, just in case you’re looking for the […]

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maintain running program

RB10: Stick With It! Tips For Maintaining Your Running Program

I recently posed a question to the RunBuzz Facebook Group, asking members to identify what was the hardest part of running. Was it starting or maintaining a running program? The overwhelming response was: Maintaining a running program was extremely difficult! In today’s podcast, I provide penty of tips that will help you stay on track, […]

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Couch To 5k Review

Photo: Courtesy of I’ll be honest. I am not a big fan of the Couch to 5K training program. Let me explain why. It’s not that it’s a bad program (it’s scientifically sound), but in my experience as a running coach, I feel it heavily favors and is geared towards younger people who generally […]

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