Running Nutrition, Fueling and Recipes For Runners

Running nutrition is the cornerstone of successful training and recovery, supplying the vital energy and nutrients we need for peak performance and effective recovery.

The articles and resources below will help set you up for success. You won’t just dial in your nutrition for running, but for you and your family’s everyday life as well.

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Knowing what to eat and drink can feel overwhelming. Sports nutrition recommendations for fueling and hydration often differs significantly from general dietary guidelines and it only gets more confusing with the prevalence of “diet culture” and fads.

Here’s the deal. There is no right or wrong when it comes to which eating style is best. Everyone is different. But, determining if your diet supports your running goals can be challenging.

Knowing how to fuel properly can be even more difficult, because you are unique. Guidelines are in place, but most of us will need to tweak our fueling strategies to reach our own personal optimal performance. Over and over again in my coaching practice and in my own personal runner, I have found this to be true. I hope the resources I provide below will help you do just that.

If you want more 1:1 direct guidance for your specific situation, I encourage you to reach out via my coaching page, where I can work with you directly on your running and nutrition needs.

Nutrition Basics

This section includes articles I wrote on the essentials of nutrition and see how the right food choices can transform your health and running.

Carbohydrates: Your Bodies Fuel for Peak Performance

Fueling and Hydration

Learn how to properly fuel and hydrate and how these core principles can dramatically improve your energy and running performance.

How long should you wait to run after eating?
What to eat before a run
The runner’s complete guide to fueling on the run

Meal Planning and Meal Prepping

Meal prepping for runners: The runner’s guide to quick, easy meal prep
Meal plans: A helpful, healthy eating strategy for runners

Supplements for Runners

Do runners need supplements? Explore the world of sports supplements where I share key insights and information on when supplements may or may not enhance your running experience.

BCAAs and running: Should runners use BCAAs?

Weight Management and Diets

As a running and nutrition coach, I will say this with a strong conviction that there is no dietary style that is best for everyone. No matter what hype you hear about a specific diet, chances are it won’t be your magic bullet for weight loss or health. All of them have some pros and cons.

This section is where I share articles about my experience and thoughts on them. Some from a research perspective and others from my experience trying them.

Runner’s guide to intermittent fasting

Latest articles on running nutrition

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Healthy Recipes For Runners

Finding healthy meals that support a healthy runner lifestyle and then adhering to sound nutritional practices is just as important as your training. So if you are looking for a tasty meal to help you and your family eat better, fuel your runs or recover quicker, here are some of my favorite runner-friendly recipes.

These meals have been created or reviewed by nutritionists to ensure they are healthy choices for you and your family and taste great. Note: Individual caloric and macro needs may differ from runner to runner, so feel free to adjust the serving size as needed.

Latest Runner-Friendly Recipes

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