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Training While on Vacation

Congrats on your upcoming vacation – but don’t think that means you can take a break from your training plan. Whether your getaway is a sandy beach or a secluded hillside, with a little preparation you can stay on track and train in a new (to you) setting. The additional physical challenge of a new terrain will also give your workout the edge to make sure that your body doesn’t lose momentum.

Training while on vacation is a great opportunity to take in some new views, build up your endurance, and secure some stellar photos to post online and make all of your friends jealous!

Consult your hotel concierge service to find out about popular parks or running trails in the area. If you’re going on a tropical getaway, you can turn a beautiful ocean view into your new running path. Explore the path down the hillside into town, making sure to keep an eye out for local fauna.  Maybe a local running club will let you be “member for a day” – connect with club members online before you leave to see if you can make some new running friends in your exotic locale.

And don’t worry about new routes, you can always measure your time and distance by paying attention to landmarks and mile markers, by investing in a GPS watch, or by using a GPS-enabled phone to track your progress.

Stick to your training plan but determine what times work best for you, just as you would at home. Preparing your workout for new locations presents new challenges, but the opportunity to increase your endurance and spark new inspiration to include in your regular regimen is priceless.

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Happy running!