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Running Quick Tip: An Easy Way To Apply Ice To Small Area Running Injuries

When you need to apply ice to small, focused areas, like an Achilles tendon or your knee, here’s a quick tip to help maintain direct contact between your skin and the injured area. One problem with ice packs is that, while these are OK for icing broad areas, they’re not ideal for directing ice to […]

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The Medi-Dyne ProStrech Series: Effective Calf Stretchers for Runners

Do you struggle with tight calf muscles, Achilles pain, or Plantar Fasciitis?If so, calf stretches are some of the best exercises for loosening calf muscles. They are a critical component of an overall flexibility program for runners.When combined with the seated ca​​​​lf stretch with a to​​​​wel, you can really improve the flexibility of your calf muscles […]

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Running Stretches: Seated Calf Stretches With Towel

Seated calf stretches with a towel are great for loosening calf muscles, as part of a overall flexibility program for runners.When I suffered from plantar fasciitis,  seated calf stretches were a critical part of my rehabilitation routine. To this day, I continue to do them to prevent running injuries.  If you struggle from calf tightness, […]

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Running Injuries Suck: How To Get Rid Of Achilles Tendonitis – Part Two

Today, I wrap up my running injury series on my experience with physical therapy and my Achilles tendonitis treatment, by sharing some of the exercises and stretches that were part of my rehabilitation and ongoing therapy. In Part I of this series, I covered my initial diagnosis and some of the steps I went through […]

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