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Steve Carmichael

Steve Carmichael
USATF/RRCA certified run coach
NASM-certified personal trainer
PN1 certified nutrition coach

Hi, Steve here. Over the past two decades, I have helped thousands of recreational and competitive athletes reach their potential through my 1:1 run and strength coaching.

I didn’t just take a weekend course. I continue to gain certifications, attend coaching clinics with some of the world’s best coaches, and travel to conferences to make sure I am up to date with the latest science and coaching practices.

This site is designed to be a free resource for you to learn more about running, nutrition, strength and cross training, injury prevention and more.

I encourage you to peek around as I am always adding more resources as I find time. More importantly, I hope you apply what you learn and if I can help, please feel free to reach out. I work with runners at all levels from complete beginners to collegiate athletes and everything in between.

A few of the places I have been recognized or interviewed by:

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