Running Stretches: Seated Calf Stretches With Towel

Seated calf stretches with a towel are great for loosening calf muscles, as part of a overall flexibility program for runners.

When I suffered from plantar fasciitis,  seated calf stretches were a critical part of my rehabilitation routine. To this day, I continue to do them to prevent running injuries.  If you struggle from calf tightness, I also highly recommend the ProCalf Stretch by Medi-Dyne as it is my favorite calf stretching device.

How to Do Seated Calf Stretches

calf stretches for runners

Prior to performing any stretch, it is best to do a light warm-up to “warm” the muscles before stretching them. This can include a few minutes on an exercise bike or treadmill, brisk walking, doing some lunges, etc. but never stretch a “cold” muscle.

  1. 1Sit on the floor with both feet extended. You can sit back against a wall to help support your back if needed.
  2. 2Place a towel around the upper part of your foot as shown. The towel should be long enough to allow you to keep your knees straight and not put pressure on your back.
  3. 3Turn your foot slightly towards the inside (not shown) and gently pull back and hold for 10 seconds.
  4. 4Relax and repeat the stretch 10 times, holding for 10 seconds.

Repeat this stretch a couple of times per day, or as needed to maintain loose calf muscles. For proper balance, apply stretches to both legs.