Foot Strike, Running Form, & Footwear With Dr. Rami Hashish

RB21: Foot Strike, Running Form And Footwear With Dr. Rami Hashish

Footstrike, Running Form, and Footwear With Dr. Rami Hashish

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, I speak with an amazing guest, Dr. Rami Hashish, who is an expert on foot strike, footwear and the impact these factors have on your running.

In this podcast, we talk about foot strike, running form, the impact that form, heel drop, and foot strike have on running injuries, and how running form often changes when running on a treadmill.  We also cover the controversial topic of barefoot running.

In this episode:

  • How factors like improper footwear and running styles can cause running injuries.
  • Dr. Hashish’s article featured on The Huffington Post:The (Mismatched) Evolution of Man and Its Influence on Injury.
  • How running has changed in the last several decades.
  • How 79-80% of runners become injured.
  • Repetitive injuries and how they are a relatively new phenomenon.
  • How running impact and foot strike running patterns can influence running injuries.
  • Heel strike vs. forefront strike and running injuries.
  • My frustration with minimalist/barefoot running vs. traditional shoes.
  • Who barefoot running is for and is not for.
  • Habitual barefoot running vs. habitual shoe running.
  • Forefoot strike and its positive and negative influences on running injuries.
  • Heel drop and its impact on running
  • How modern running shoes are dropping from 14mm average heel drop to 8mm to promote more of a mid or forefront strike compared to running shoes designed a decade ago.
  • My own experience with running shoes and how the same shoe model changes over time despite being the same model!
  • Are treadmill tests at running stores really that effective? Do they prevent running injuries?
  • Why running on the treadmill is not the same as running outdoors.
  • How your foot strike pattern changes when running on a treadmill.
  • 3 Reasons a Gait Analysis a a Running Store May Not Help You Find the Right Shoe, by Jeff Gaudette at Runners Connect.
  • The common perception that you’re running faster on a treadmill than you actually are.
  • Cadence and how, as cadence increases, steps are shorter.  The shorter the steps, the more upright your posture is and the more the impact force is dissipated throughout the body.
  • The basic concept behind the Pose Method of running.
  • Are 20% more steps (from higher cadence) better than fewer steps?
  • Run at what pace feels good for you!
  • What to do when you you are presented with conflicting information about running.



Dr. Rami Hashish’s Bio


Dr. Rami Hashish InterviewDr. Rami Hashish is a board certified Physical Therapist with a PhD in Biokinesiology.  He currently works for Urban Med in Los Angeles California .  After attaining his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Washington School of Medicine, Dr. Hashish achieved his PhD from the University of Southern California’s  Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy.  While completing his PhD, Dr. Hashish served as an instructor.

Dr. Hashish’s primary research focused on the influence of footwear on lower-leg injuries and performance.  Dr. Hashish is an author on more more than 30 peer-reviewed abstracts and manuscripts and currently serves as a reviewer for numerous medical journals.  In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Hashish serves as a contributing columnist to The Huffington Post, and as a Medical Correspondent and footwear expert to The Running Times.  He has also appeared in Runner’s World where he was featured in the Ask a Doc section where he discussed how to adapt to a racing shoe that has a lower heel drop than your trainers as well as he shared research about who barefoot running is right for and how to transition safely.

Dr Hashish is also a co-founder of JavanScience, LLC. which is a science-driven footwear company that uses evidence-based medical research to develop shoes for the prevention and relief of foot and leg problems, primarily focused in improving the quality of life for older adults.

You can follow Dr. Hashish on Twitter, @RunInjuryFree


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