How To Simplify Your Approach To Healthy Living

How To Radically Simplify Your Approach To Healthy Living With Jaclyn Ricchio

Do you want to eat better, run better, live better and not be bogged down by restrictive diets or hardcore ways of eating? If so, join me today as I welcome Jaclyn Ricchio to the show.Jaclyn is a running coach, healthy lifestyle coach, blogger and host of the “Actually, You Are A Real Runner” podcast.In today’s episode, Jaclyn and I discuss how most of us overcomplicate weight loss and our attempts at healthy eating. By simplifying how we approach food, our relationship with food, and by applying a growth mindset to any habit we are trying to achieve we CAN accomplish the goals we set out to accomplish whether that is to lose weight or run more.

Show Notes

In this episode, my guest is Jaclyn Ricchio.  Jaclyn is a running coach, healthy lifestyle coach, teacher, blogger and host of the “Actually, You Are A Real Runner” podcast.   I first came across Jaclyn after seeing her Instagram posts where she was posting these easy to make Cheap AF Adult Lunchables.I found Jaclyn as a result of my own struggles with eating healthy and in particular, meal prepping.  Meal prepping sounds like a great idea (and it is),  but who wants to spend a whole afternoon on a weekend prepping lunches for the week?   Not me.

But here I was, spending hours every Sunday afternoon meal prepping lunches and having a hard time sustaining it week after week.  The amount of time I was spending going to the grocery store, shopping for food, cutting and preparing the food was simply time-consuming.  Yes, I was eating healthy, but I was shifting time from my weekday lunches to my weekend.  Not cool. Enter Jaclyn.Her Instagram posts, showed me a different way, where I still created meals in advance, but in a simple way.   For me, simple usually wins.

In this episode, Jaclyn and I explore her background and how she got into running. Jaclyn took up running while she was a school teacher in Chicago. She was stressed from long hours, eating poorly, and simply did not have time to join a gym. Her long days and long commute times required her to do the simplest thing possible.  Just put on some shoes and go for a run.

In this episode,  we talk about why it is important to simplify our eating, exercise, and really any lifestyle habit we want to take on.  Some key points:

1. Diets are NOT sustainable.  Most people gain weight back and more. We explore why this is.

2. Restrictive diets lead us to want bad foods more. Our inner rebel will do anything to tempt us and it often leads to binge eating habits. Sound familiar?  We explore why this is.

3. Real running is not about races, our race times, and hardcore training. Running is just one form of movement and should be incorporated into our lifestyle (along with nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle habits), but only if we want it to. Other forms of movement are just as important and may work better for you.

4. Simple and easy is sustainable over a lifetime. Diets are temporary.

5. Just move.  We share tips and examples of ways you can incorporate movement and other healthy activities into your work, personal life, and more.

6. Yes, you CAN (and should) make junk food a part of your eating habits and lifestyle. Live life! Use plant-based foods and protein to make up the bulk of what you eat, but eat nachos, chicken wings, chips when you want them.  Just don’t overindulge.  We talk about how you can make this happen, while still making positive lifestyle changes.

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