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Online Run Coaching To Run Your Personal Best

Our #1 goal is to help you run faster, run farther, and run injury-free so you can feel your best and be ready on race day!

With an estimated 70% of runners getting injured each year and even more failing to consistently meet their running goals, running can alternate between being fun and a frustrating hot mess. 

It seems one minute you are making progress and the next you are hitting a plateau. Your progress stalls and your mind starts messing with you. You say things to yourself, "I will never be a good runner or my favorite, let's just skip today and maybe we can run tomorrow."

Or, maybe you find yourself struggling with fueling properly and find yourself fizzling out on runs.

With so much pressure coming from the daily grind of life, finding time to train is a valuable commodity.  Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what to do and when to do it so you don't waste valuable time? Wouldn't it feel great to look back next month and see results instead of being in the exact place you are today?

If so, you are in the right place.

Introducing PaceBuilders - Your Blueprint For Running Success

PaceBuilders™ is a comprehensive training program that is built around easy-to-follow running and strength training routines. Then, we add expert guidance on nutrition, injury prevention, mindset training, healthy lifestyle and more. We give you access to certified running coaches, registered sports dietitians, certified strength trainers plus a community of other PaceBuilders™ members, who are just like you who want to help support you and keep you accountable. 

Online Run Coaching

By going above and beyond "simple, generic, free training plans", we can deliver a structured, yet fully customizable training program that does not require you to train like a professional athlete to experience great results. Any distance, any age, any experience level.

All you have to do is decide whether or not you want this for yourself. You have to decide whether or not you want to invest a few hours each week in yourself to do the work.  If so, simply take the next step to get started in just a few minutes. We believe in you and are standing by to help you run your personal best. 

SMART Training With A Purpose

Any distance, any age, any experience level

PaceBuilders™ is about working smarter to make everything you do count for something. With our easy-to-follow program, there are no more wasted workouts or wondering what to do next. We take you step by step starting where you are right now and work with you regardless of your current ability to get to that next step.  So whether today is Day one and you want to run your first 5k, or you are ready to take on the Boston marathon, we have a program for you.

I joined the PaceBuilders  Run Coaching program in the Summer of 2018 after struggling to find local running coaches and from years of trying to coach myself. 

I recently ran my 18th 1/2 marathon and got a new personal best with a time of 1 hour, 50 minutes. I’m 57 years old and I am still working. They built me a customized training program that worked for me and my busy schedule and customized it every week along the way.

PaceBuilders has exceeded my expectations and I’m very impressed with the level of professional coaching and level of engagement I received. ​

I’ve had local running coach’s that haven’t been as supportive!

pacebuilders coaching review runbuzz

PaceBuilder's 1:1 Member
Rob Lempke
Half Marathon PR in just a few months

If you want to run faster, we will help you run faster 

If running faster is important to you, then we can help. Back in 2014 PaceBuilders actually originated as a speed training program for runners. Since then it has evolved to much more than just speed training. From the beginning, our foundation was built on making runners like you faster and stronger. We do this by prescribing the proper balance of endurance, strength, and speed workouts to hit your goal while balancing training with the right level of recovery. 

tara - pacebuilders coaching review

PaceBuilder's Member - Tara Y.
Tara has achieved multiple personal records (PRs) since joining our 
PaceBuilders team in 2018. Tara is currently training for the 2019 Chicago marathon.

I have been a member since the Spring of 2018 and only have good things to say about the PaceBuilders Run Coaching Program. I was sick of the cookie-cutter template training plans and I didn't feel like I was progressing much as a runner. With 2 half marathons completed (both with almost identical times) I wanted extra support and guidance.

From the beginning, I was impressed with the one-on-one attention I received and I felt like they were really creating a plan that was specific to ME.

I am really proud to say that in less than 4 months after my last half marathon, I just ran a 23 minute PR, going from a 2:35 time to 2:12!!! I never could have done it alone and their encouragement and guidance really did make an enormous difference! I have gone on to run several other PR's. I continue to improve.

I had always been dedicated to my training but having a running coach who REALLY knows running made a world of difference. I loved that they helped me with pacing during my training runs and explained what I should be aiming for and how to make the most of my miles. I felt like they really wanted me to do well and the whole team worked hard to create a great plan and answer any questions I had along the way.

If you want to run farther, we will help build your endurance

PaceBuilders will help you build endurance so you can run stronger, longer, and with less fatigue. By combining strength training and running with proper hydration and fueling, we can help you finish your races and runs strong. Our endurance nutrition guidelines have been vetted and designed by registered sports dietitians, one of who is one of our running coaches. You can rest easy knowing the nutrition advice you receive is medically and scientifically sound and not based on dietary gimmicks or the marketing of unneeded supplements.

If you find yourself struggling on a run, something is out of balance. Inside PaceBuilders we help bring your nutrition and training back into balance so your body will function optimally and perform its best.

PaceBuilders Athlete
Andrea O.
37 Minute Marathon PR
Marine Corps Marathon

Do you want to run injury free?

Of course, you do. But the sad fact is that upwards of 70% of all runners experience some form of running injury each year. Maybe that is your situation now. In most cases, you don't have to stop running. You just need to make adjustments so you can heal. In some cases, stopping is actually the worst thing you can do.

So while no training program can guarantee you won't get injured, PaceBuilders  will significantly reduce your chance of injury by helping you balance the right level of training with recovery. 

And, if you struggle with running injuries today, we can help rebalance your training so you can get past your injury and reduce the likelihood of it returning.

For example, we have helped runners get rid of Achilles Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band (ITBS Syndrome), Patella-femoral tendonitis, and more.  We do this by providing early intervention techniques such as altering training, focusing on improved recovery protocols, increased flexibility, and strength training as just a few examples.

This isn't a substitute for medical care when you need it. We will still recommend medical care should you need it or you are already working with a sports doctor and/or physical therapist, help you implement your return to running protocols. However, many early-onset injuries can be addressed before they need medical care.

How is PaceBuilders™  different from purchasing or downloading a free training plan, or using an app?

Our plans are interactive. We deliver our program using industry-leading online/mobile training software, video guidance, live group video, and through our private community where you can interact with our other members. Plus you have access to all the tools you will need to train for any race or distance. While training plans and apps are nice, they are just part of the equation when it comes to running success.

With PaceBuilders VIP, you get access to ALL our training plans (all experience levels and distances) PLUS support! If you upgrade to our 1:1 ELITE plan, your plan will be hand-built  and modified as needed each week by our certified running coaches so your plan can adjust as your life does.

Take A Look Inside PaceBuilders™ With Our Virtual Tour

I'm a beginner. Can I benefit from PaceBuilders?

Absolutely! PaceBuilders™ is ideal for any runner or walker who is starting from scratch as well as experienced runners who have been running for years.

We have created skill-appropriate plans (and guidance) for beginner run/walk all the way up to advanced plans.

We even have our GetFitFor5k™ level up plan for people who struggle with running, or who are returning to running after years of inactivity. The GetFitFor5k™ plan was designed by me after training hundreds of local runners for their first 5k and realizing that many runners gave up running too soon because the first few months can suck. With our GetFitFor5k™ plan, running does not have to suck while you get back into shape.

The more you have to learn about running, the more benefit you will receive from coaching.

Here Is What Is Included:

Top Training Plans For Runners

Access Our Comprehensive
Training Plan Library

For our VIP members, we have a comprehensive training plan library where we help you select the right plan for your skill level and race distance. Our current plans include distances from the 5k to the marathon, however, we are adding additional race distances soon or based on request.

Our ELITE 1:1 coaching members work directly with our coaching team and get a highly personalized program that can be completely customized to your unique, personal situation including unlimited changes and modifications. We constantly evaluate your progress and make modifications so you always know your plan is where it should be.  Our ELITE 1:1 clients also interact with a primary running coach for instant accountability, yet gets unlimited assistance from our entire team.

Final Surge App

Track Your Workouts Using Industry Leading Training Software Final Surge

Once you find your perfect plan, simply download a printable copy or have your plan loaded into Final Surge so you can view your training calendar, view detailed workout instructions and have it available 24x7 online or via the Final Surge mobile app. All your training information will be at the tip of your fingers anytime you need it.

You can also track your workout data directly using the Final Surge mobile app, or sync your GPS-enabled running or fitness watch data to your account using Garmin Connect, Strava or other future partners.

You even have the ability to log your workout, make comments and analyze your data to see your splits, pace, and other data.

Strength Training for runners

Use Our Tools To Help You Run Better

Inside our newly designed members' area, you can get immediate access to instructional videos, strength routines, and our growing video exercise library.  All content has been vetted by certified running coaches and our NASM certified fitness trainer/strength specialist who helps us design our strength programs to be geared specifically towards runners.

No more random exercises. Our exercises have a purpose. By  following our suggested strength routines, you are more likely to prevent injury, run faster and reduce fatigue. PLUS, our training plans are designed to work well with our strength routines. 

We also have a growing library of how-to videos include guidance on nutrition, fueling, hydration, cross-training, mindset, race strategy, pacing, rest and recovery, tapering, improving flexibility, mobility and more!

Live Video Run Chat Coaching

Get The Support You Need

  Get enhanced support from our private client-only Facebook group as well as get your questions directly answered by our coached in our monthly LIVE video Q&A calls.  During these calls, you can ask your questions LIVE, or you can submit your questions in advance. All LIVE Q&A calls are recorded just in case you can't attend due to time zones or other time conflicts so you can go back and revisit past Q&A sessions later.

If you sign up for our PaceBuilders™ELITE program, you will also have direct email access with our coaches so you can get fast answers to your training questions and as often as you need.

With our PaceBuilders™ ELITE option, your coaches become your accountability partner regardless of where you live in the world. We have even been known to jump on a call occasionally. 


Get immediate Access Today!

  • Our PaceBuilders VIP Program is perfect for you if you want a more affordable training option, but you still want access to all the tools and resources we have including quality training plans, strength routines, instructional videos, exercise library, checklists, etc. Training support comes through our monthly live member group video calls and through access to our client-only Facebook group. 
  • Our PaceBuilders Elite 1:1 coaching program is perfect for you if you want everything we mentioned above PLUS the highest level of support possible including direct access to our entire team of experienced, certified running and strength coaches. This gets you the highest level of training customization and support possible. 

This is a self-paced, self-coached model however you have support from our coaches through the client-only private FB group and monthly LIVE Q&A calls. 

In this option, you work directly with our running coaches and get unlimited plan modifications, unlimited support and the highest level of customization with your training.  

Our programs use a subscription-based model to make it easy to collect payments each month. The longer you stay the more benefits you receive because we are always adding new things like new strength routines, exercises, guidance videos, new LIVE Q&A sessions, Facebook Live's, etc.  However, if you want to pay a one-time fee (annual or semi-annual), we can accommodate. Just send us an email.

Manage your own account through our membership dashboard.  Cancel anytime without any hassle.