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Steve Carmichael

Steve Carmichael
USATF/RRCA certified run coach
NASM-certified personal trainer
PN1 certified nutrition coach

Hi, Steve here. Over the past decade, I have helped 1000+ recreational and competitive athletes release their potential through training, nutrition, and mindset. And I can do this for you.

I go beyond traditional “write a training plan and generic advice” run coaching and focus on building a comprehensive program BUILT AROUND YOU that includes running, strength training, mobility work, nutrition, fueling, injury prevention, cross training, exercise adherence, accountability, race strategy, mindset and more.


Any age or fitness level – All are welcome


Science-backed workout programs that are unique as you are.


I help you stick to your plan. And enjoy it.


Adjustments and progressive programming to stay on track.

If you are interested in taking your running to another level (even if you are just starting) or want to break through any running or training plateaus, and if you want a coach that goes beyond “emails and spreadsheets, please reach out. What you invest in now will last you a lifetime.

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