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Running To Lose Weight:

Can Running Be An Effective Component Of A Successful Weight Loss Program?

What You'll Learn In This Video:

  1. Does running sabotage weight loss or can running be an effective component of a weight loss program?  We'll explore what the science says and compare that to popular beliefs we sometimes hear in online forums, articles, and social media?
  2. Some people gain weight when they run, others lose weight.  We'll explore why this is and what it really takes to lose weight through running. We'll even discuss, if running is even your best option. We'll look at High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) as an alternative to running or as a complement to running.
  3. Success factors for successful weight loss and how to modify your training and dietary habits to maximize your results while still having the energy to run.
  4. Tips and tools to help start or accelerate your weight loss journey. I'll share how you can break the cycle of food craving and hunger as well as share some popular apps you can use to track the food and nutrients you eat without a lot of work.

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About Your Host

Steve is a RRCA and USA Track and Field certified running coach and former founder/running club director/coach of Run Fit Running Club. He is the founder of, an online running community for recreational runners and host of the RunBuzz podcast which can be found in iTunes and other podcast directories. Since 2010, he has trained hundred of runners from 5k's to ultra marathons and everything in between. He has helped thousands more through his online programs and podcast.

Steve is the founder and creator of PaceBuilders, a 1:1 training/coaching program for adult runners who want to become better runners, crush running goals, lose weight, increase their fitness level, and take their running and health to another level.  Steve resides in Lewis Center OH with his wife and two daughters.