Introduction To RunBuzz Radio: Let's Do Running Together

RB1: Introduction To RunBuzz Radio: Let’s Do Running Together

RunBuzz Radio with Steve Carmichael

Show Notes:

In this episode of RunBuzz, I introduce you to the podcast, the community, and to myself, Steve Carmichael, a recreation runner, running coach, running club director, and founder of  Together, we’ll explore what makes this podcast different from podcasts I have done in the past and why, after two years, I decided to switch directions and build a new brand, new podcast, and new community geared towards living a healthier lifestyle through running.


The RunBuzz Podcast

Today, I share the basics of the RunBuzz podcast, how you can get involved as a co-host, and my goals to make the podcast go above and beyond the “pure training” focus I had for the Marathon Training Podcast I did previously.

RunBuzz hits you right at the intersection of training and life.

Lifestyle impacts our running just as much as the amount of miles you run or the pace of your tempo runs.  These running-specific factors are certainly important, but, if you can’t manage the lifestyle pieces of the fitness puzzle, you may be sabotaging your ability to be the best runner you can be.

For example:

  • Developing good training habits
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Time management
  • Eating healthier
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Accountability

All of these items (and more) play into how successful we are as runners.

This podcast is geared towards all levels of runners – whether you’re taking your first steps or are an experienced pro, RunBuzz is here for you.


The RunBuzz Community

Today, I share the philosophy behind the RunBuzz community.  I describe how RunBuzz is built around accountability, motivation, and, ultimately, a support system for everyday runners.  I explain how we need you to be a part of it and how you can get involved.

The Power of RunBuzz is in the strength of the community.

That’s you!


The Runner’s Toolkit

In this episode, I also share how you can get 30 days of coaching tips delivered to you directly by email.

Additionally, you get links to our private Facebook group page, which is the home of our community forums. Unlike a ‘fan’ page, what you post actually gets seen by all members in their timeline.  In contrast, less than 5-10% of Facebook fan page posts show up on your timeline unless the page owner promotes the post at a cost.

Finally, as part of the Runner’s Toolkit, you get email access to email me your #1 running issue, and I’ll give you a personal response.


Additional Running Resources

Runner’s Toolkit – Get access to 30 days of free coaching tips by email and get your #1 running question personally answered by me, just for signing up. Plus get free access to our private Facebook community where other RunBuzz community members gather for support, camaraderie and general shenanigans.

Find out how you can support RunBuzz’s mission to bring quality running content (educational, inspirational, etc) to the running community. Did you know it takes approximately 8-10 hours of work to research, record, edit and release each podcast episode? Help support us in our mission to make every runner regardless of age, size and ability a better runner. Your support helps keep future RunBuzz podcast episodes ad-free and new episodes coming.

Share RunBuzz Radio with your friends!

Share RunBuzz Radio with your friends!

About the Author Steve Carmichael

Steve is a RRCA / USA Track and Field Certified Running Coach who has helped thousands of runners since 2010. He coaches online as well as locally in the Columbus, Ohio area. He is host of RunBuzz Running a top rated running podcast with 150+ episodes available for free on all major podcast apps. Steve resides in Lewis Center, Ohio with his wife, kids, and dog.

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