RunBuzz: A "Different" Kind Of Community For Runners

RunBuzz: A “Different” Kind Of Community For Runners

runbuzz community for runners

At RunBuzz, we are different. Maybe even a little crazy if you ask our spouses. 

You see, we’re building a new community of runners who “come alive” when they run. We don’t have to be good, but we’re passionate about what we do.  We’re not one of the  “Big Guy” websites that are impersonal or just rehash the same information over and over again to make advertisers (and Google) happy.  We are the little guys (the underdog if you will), and here, everyone knows your name.  That is “IF” you choose to be one of us.

Here are a few “signs” that you may be one of us:

1.  You drive your friends crazy talking about your “obsession.”

2.  You become irritable when you have to miss a run.

3.  You try to get out of “date night” to watch running documentaries (or try to make your partner watch too).

4.  You run when it’s rainy, snowy, cold, warm, or when weather just generally sucks.

5.  You volunteer to go on a honey-do errand so you can sneak by the local running store.


If one or more of these seem like you, then you’re in! 

Happy Running!

runbuzz community for runners

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Steve is the founder and head running coach of Steve is host of the RunBuzz podcast and founder of PaceBuilders, a complete online training program for runners. Steve is a RRCA / USA Track and Field Certified Running Coach and resides in Lewis Center, Ohio.