RB70: How To Return To Running After An Injury - Brigham And Women's Return To Running Program

RB70: How To Return To Running After An Injury

Return To Running Program


Show notes:

Ever wonder the best way to return to running after an injury? In this episode, Stephanie and I walk through the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Return To Running Program.  Brigham and Women’s Hospital is an affiliate teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

This program was developed by physical therapists and doctors to help you return safely to running after an injury that resulted in time off.  We also share our thoughts on how to apply the program or tweak the program to your situation. Injuries suck!  And depending on how long you have been off, coming back can be tough.  We walk you through the program and provide tips to help make your return to running safe and avoid re-injury to the best extent possible.

This program has been used by doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, coached and runners all over the world.  You can get access to a PDF Download of the program here.

Finally, we reveal our new Summer RunBuzz Webinar Series and our new Custom Training Plans.

When To Use This Return To Running Program

This program is designed to be used when you are returning to running AFTER you have been treated for injury or you took some time off to self-heal and now you are ready to return to running because you think you have healed. This program is not a substitute for medical advice, and when in question you should always follow the advice of your doctor or physical therapist.

When applying the program (and the various levels/phases) of your return, always use pain/discomfort as your guide before advancing to the next stage of the program. If pain exists, do not proceed to the next stage.


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