An Interview With Coach Jeff Gaudette - Running Tips Galore!

RB5: An Interview With Coach Jeff Gaudette – Running Tips Galore!

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Show Notes:

This episode is jam packed full of running tips!

Today, I chat with coach Jeff Gaudette of Runners Connect.

We talk about his experience as a collegiate and professional runner and his transition into coaching. Jeff also shares some great running tips around strength training, easy vs. hard pacing, and more!

In this episode:

  • How Jeff was cut from his high school basketball team by his coach so he could train for track and field.
  • Jeff’s transition from high school track and field to a successful collegiate track and field athlete at Brown University.
  • Jeff’s experience training as a professional athlete with the Hanson-Brooks development team.
  • How and why Jeff started coaching.
  • Core training principles and the importance of strength training.
  • Why runs longer than 3 hours are not necessary for all runners and how they may be contributing to your injuries.
  • Why every training run should have a purpose.
  • Why Jeff bases his training philosophy around the Hanson running method.
  • How the training of advanced athletes is really not much different than the training of beginner runners.
  • Meb Keflezighi’s Boston win and the importance of recovery.
  • Why easy days need to be easier than you think.
  • Jeff’s most critical training component, regardless of what distance you’re training for.
  • How to optimize your aerobic system by training at the correct pace.
  • How to slow down your pace without losing your running form.
  • How improving your strength in your hips and glutes can help prevent injuries.
  • How strength training can improve your running performance.
  • How to incorporate strength training into your schedule.


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Share RunBuzz running tips with your friends!

Share RunBuzz running tips with your friends!

Share RunBuzz running tips with your friends!

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