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How To Get Over a Bad Run

Have you ever had a run that just felt terrible? Legs like bricks, lungs on fire? Yeah, me too. It sucks.Of course, in my opinion, there’s really no such thing as a bad run. Sure, some runs feel better than others, but just the fact that you got out there and made the effort is […]

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running with a partner or group

Get More Out Of Your Run By Training With Others

For years I thought that having a running buddy or joining a running group was just not an option for me. I was always slow, and most of the other runners I knew were much faster than me. So, unless I met a friend at the gym to run side-by-side on treadmills, I was pretty […]

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create a running habit

How To Create A Running Habit

When you first start running, it’s pretty easy to motivate yourself to work out. The excitement of trying something new keeps you coming back for more, at least for the first week or two. But then…something comes up and you miss a workout. And another. And, next thing you know, finding excuses to skip your […]

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7 habits of successful runners

7 Habits of Successful Runners

  1. Run for  Yourself The happiest of runners don’t run for anything but personal reasons. Whether it’s for that feeling of exhausted contentment after a completed long run, the euphoria of the “runner’s high,” or better overall health, every successful runner runs for their own reasons and doesn’t let anything else slow them down. […]

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Running Fatigue And Lack Of Energy To Train

One of the most common excuses runners make is “I did not have time to run today.”While certainly true on some occasions, I believe this statement to be a myth, a symptom if you will, for something more likely to be an exercise wrecker: fatigue.I work with a lot of runners.  As a result of what I […]

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