RB59: Diana Fitts -Setting Running Goals That Match Our Lifestyle

RB59: Diana Fitts – Better Running Goals For Your Body, Mind and Lifestyle

Diana Fitts, Runner and Author and Running Goals


Show Notes:

In this episode, I speak with runner and author, Diana Fitts about running goals.  Diana shares her running story with us and we discuss her new book, Better Running Goals: The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Goals for Your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle.   During our interview we discuss topics like how to create running goals and running programs that are sustainable based on our lifestyle. We also discuss how to set running goals that support you, not someone else’s vision of what they think your running should be. Diana also share tips for integrating running into your busy lifestyle and some tips on how to balance your work, life, family and running into one integrated and productive lifestyle.


Diana is a runner and author of three excellent books:

Better Running Goals: The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Goals for Your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle

Your Focus Formula: How to Successfully Stay on Task, Finish Projects and Achieve Your Goals

What Next?: How to Enjoy Success, Beat Indecision, and Take Action Towards Your Future Goals


We discuss:

  • How Diana got started in healthy, holistic, sustainable running. (Hint: Her father has run 7 miles a day for approximately 20 years!)
  • How a quarter life crisis at age 25 propelled her to run her first marathon and qualify for Boston, in just two months, despite NOT wanting to run one.
  • How approaching marathon training the wrong way, eventually led to her resetting her running approach and how it has since turned into a long term, more enjoyable running lifestyle.
  • How focus and improved productivity has helped Diane achieve more by reducing procrastination.
  • How to fit running into your busy lifestyle without having it hurt other areas of your life. Intentionality + planning = more productivity.
  • Setting goals so that running is ‘part’ of your life, not the only thing in it.
  • How to find more time to run through task batching and follow through.
  • How being mindful and making adjustments on the fly lead to us being more productive, and not necessarily just being ‘busy’.
  • Figuring out your priorities and knowing how to adjust, either by being aware of where they fall at a given time, or via your ‘gut’.
  • Is a balanced life really obtainable? And, we discuss how to choose which things need the most focus at any given time.
  • Being aware of others around you and their impact on how you choose good running goals.
  • There is no ONE WAY to become a better runner.
  • How to choose running goals that make sense for you and your lifestyle.
  • We discuss the ‘running trend’ and how marketing may be influencing your goals for better or worse.
  • Running is elective and voluntary. It should be a part of our lives. NOT our whole life. Give yourself some leeway when life gets busy. Just do not use it as an excuse.
  • Running goals for (1) Health and (2) Otherwise.  Having goals that go beyond health can help with perspective and having a more meaningful reason to run. Goals that will keep you motivated!
  • Most people have 19 hours per week that are unaccounted for. Finding that time can be critical for success, if you put in the hard work to find it.  Then, does your motivation and goal match against this time?
  • How to deal with a cluttered mind and overwhelm.
  • Evernote – is great program for capturing things and for uncluttering your mind.
  • Diana’s biggest running tip


To learn more about Diana, you can follow her out at:


Diana Fitts on Twitter

Diana Fitts on Facebook


Have a great week!

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