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Costume Ideas for Runners

costume ideas for runners

Cool weather, carbing up with hot chocolate, and signing up for a Halloween 5K all mean it’s my favorite time of year! Despite running for years now, I’ve yet to run a race in costume. I have many friends who have, but I’ve never had the time to put together a costume that would be both fun and functional (some fabric I’ve seen other runners run in leads me to believe they went home with some major chafing issues!).


Running costume

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General Tips for Running in Costume:

  • Run for fun and don’t try to set a PR. Yes, it could happen, but, unless you practice running in your costume (which would be a great idea), you really aren’t sure how things are going to pan out on race day.

  • Be prepared for attention and comments from the crowd and other runners. Make sure you don’t show up in something that may be potentially offensive to anyone!

  • Expect wardrobe malfunctions. If you run with anything on your face, chances are it will impact your breathing. If you’re wearing itchy costume fabric, be sure to use lots and lots of body glide to protect against chafing! You may also sweat more wearing multiple layers so try to keep them as light and as minimal as possible.

  • Keep things basic. If you want to run as a fairy, get pink shorts and a top to run in and just use a few accessories to make the costume complete. Using typical running attire as your costume base will help avoid costume malfunctions, make investing any money in the costume more worthwhile, and will be far more comfortable to run in.

  • Keep safety pins and double sided tape on hand during race day! Trust me – they can be lifesavers

  • If you’re using make-up, avoid the bottom-of-the-line kits. They’ll sweat off before the starting bell sounds.

  • Don’t create a costume that impedes others running around you. If you’re wearing wings, be sure to keep them small enough so they don’t hit people running by you.


Great Costume Ideas for Runners

Tortoise and Hare

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  • The Energizer Bunny
  • Superheros
  • Pamela Anderson (in her slow-motion-running Baywatch days!)
  • A caveman (great for barefoot runners)
  • Princess – tutu’s and boa’s are standard race fare now!
  • 80’s or 90’s themed
  • Elf or Santa Clause (don’t forget about all the Holiday costume possibilities for races in December!)
  • Police Office (and try to rope your friend into dressing like an inmate, or a doughnut!)
  • Tortoise and hare


Share RunBuzz costume ideas for runners with your friends!

Share RunBuzz costume ideas with your friends!

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