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running while pregnant

Running While Pregnant

As a female runner, I’ve often wondered how I would handle running should I ever become pregnant. After doing quite a bit of digging around online, I quickly realized that there’s a great deal of contradictory information out there!Decades ago, the exercise of any form was discouraged. Back then, doctors advised women to keep their […]

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Are GI Issues Ruining Your Running?

“This article contains links to some recommended products. Please note, as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.”While training for my first marathon, I had the honor of making my very first trip to a gastroenterologist.During the second month of training, I developed some severe stomach issues. I’ll spare you the details, but […]

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Superfoods for Runners

I’m sure you’ve heard the term a dozen times before, but what exactly is a superfood? It’s difficult to define since there are no real criteria needed to label something a “superfood”!Typically, the term is used when discussing food that’s particularly nutrient-dense, may benefit your health, or may help with a medical condition. With such […]

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7 Cross-Training Activities for Runners

1. CyclingRoad cycling, spinning, or using a stationary bike all work similar muscles as running does, so these are great options for runners needing to take some time off. Studies have found that cycling intervals can help increase running speed, since high-power bike intervals work your legs harder than running (but without the impact!).2. EllipticalElliptical […]

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Ten Injury Prevention Tips for Runners

As a relatively new runner, I vividly remember making nearly every mistake in the book. I went from my first 5K to my first marathon in one year and, despite reading everything running-related I could get my hands on, I still foolishly believed I could power through injuries. Now, as I’m training for my third […]

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