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what are ultramarathons?

Ultramarathons: The Basics

 What are Ultramarahons?Ultramarathons are any races that go past the typical marathon distance of 26.2 miles (42.2K).For distance runners, the ultramarathon is a dream race. With most courses taking place on trails in some of the most scenic parts of the world, ultramarathons combine a sense of adventure with an extremely physically demanding and rewarding […]

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Best Apps for Runners

There are numerous running apps that can map your route, track your speed, distance traveled and calories burned. Many running apps also provide different training plans, challenges, and storylines. If you’re getting ready to run your first 5k, move closer to your fitness goals, diversify your running routine or simply start moving, then you’ll definitely have to […]

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training for marathon with or without long run

Can You Train for a Marathon without a Long Run?

 This past weekend I got married and ran a marathon with my husband as our honeymoon. It was my third and his first and, after the worst training cycle of my running career, my only goal was to finish. I originally started off training with the Hansons Method , in July. But then life got in the […]

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Treadmill Running

Tips for Running on the Treadmill

 To be completely honest, I used to hate running on the treadmill. I devotedly referred to it as“the dreadmill”.  In the past, I would have chosen to run outside in 40 degree weather with brutal rain and vicious winds than run on the treadmill. That is, until I realized I was making every rookie mistake possible when […]

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couples and running

Running as a Couple

Earlier this year, I started dating my soon-to-be husband.I had completed my first two marathons in the last year, so I thought of myself as a pretty “serious” runner (as in I was completely obsessed with it). My significant other had also run regularly for the past few years and, when we began dating, it […]

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