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RB6: An Interview With Blayne Smith – Team Red, White and Blue

Show Notes: Today’s guest is Blayne Smith, a West Point graduate,  US Army veteran, and executive director at Team Red, White and Blue. Team Red White and Blue is a a national organization with the mission of helping veterans and local communities connect and help each other through physical fitness activities, including running, Crossfit, and […]

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RB5: An Interview With Coach Jeff Gaudette – Running Tips Galore!

Photo: Courtesy of Show Notes: This episode is jam packed full of running tips! Today, I chat with coach Jeff Gaudette of Runners Connect. We talk about his experience as a collegiate and professional runner and his transition into coaching. Jeff also shares some great running tips around strength training, easy vs. hard pacing, […]

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RB4: 10 Running Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

Show Notes: In this episode, I share the top ten things that I would have told a younger version of myself, based on what I know now. These running tips are things that I wish I would have started earlier or tactics that have led me to achieve the greatest gains in my running.  I […]

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RB3: Lisa Hamilton: Overcoming Injury Through Strength, Mobility, and Runner’s Mindset

Show Notes: In today’s podcast, I chat with Lisa Hamilton of The Conscious Runner about her experiences with running and overcoming injury. Lisa has an incredible story of how she grew up as a competitive swimmer, became a collegiate cross country athlete, and went on to become a 2:43 marathoner. Like many runners, Lisa suffered […]

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RB2: How To Establish Strong, Healthy Habits And Improve Your Running

  Show Notes: In this episode, I share how you can establish strong, healthy habits that will improve your running and help you get your workouts in. Habits can make or break your progress as a runner.  If you have great habits, you’ll most likely see great progress. Today, I share the process behind how […]

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